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Saska’s Steak & Seafood
Location: 3768 Mission Boulevard (map)
Hours: Monday through Sunday 3pm- 12am;
Price: $$$

Saska’s has been part of the Mission Beach community for over 67 years now. It has been family run for 65 of the years the doors have been open and has recently overcome a large transformation with new ownership by the San Diego Patio Group who sparked the new facelift. They’ve upgraded and refurbished the restaurant but kept the same old school steak house vibe. Locals and regulars were worried this change would be un-welcomed but were surprised at the authenticity and character that stayed with Saska’s during this rejuvenation process.

Saska's Classic Steak House that has been around for 67 years

Saska’s in Mission Beaches new look after recent renovations

Since the doors opened to the public again on February 23, 2017 they have seen a roar of success and support from the community. The head Chef and majority of the staff have stayed on board to keep Saska’s original taste, look, and feel as close to the original as possible. Chef Francisco has been cooking with the restaurant for over 30 years, “this has become my second home and family” he said to us. Other staff members who have been on board the Saska train between 24-30 years, and have seen the company take several transformations and want to stay aboard with their family during these changes as well.  

If you don’t know it from the inside, I’m sure you’d recognize its memorable look. The building is all white on the outside with a couple octogonale windows, neon signs, and a large wooden door. On the inside, it is the complete opposite. Dark wood, new and original railroad ties line the walls from front to back. Tables are surrounded by big leather seating and lights are dimmed for an older feel. Old photographs hang on the walls of the main rooms and bathroom take us back to a simpler time; when pictures were in black and white and tall buildings didn’t block the beautiful view of the ocean.


Saska's in Mission beach

Check out Saska’s in Mission Beach for a delicious steak or seafood dinner!

Getting Started With Starters in 2018 at Saska’s Steak and Seafood

You can guarantee that you’re getting quality and delicious plates each time you dine here. We taste tested a couple plates and have all the best recommendations for you dine in experience at Saska’s. Although, this is a steak and seafood restaurant they do have some vegetarian options for those of you who prefer not to indulge. (Un)Fortunatly, we tried mostly deliciously meaty dishes.

Saska's Serves Up a Baked Spinach and Artichoke dip in Mission Beach

Saska’s serves up a baked cheesy spinach & artichoke dip served with freshly warmed bread with a light olive oil drizzle

We started with the Baked Artichoke & Spinach Cassoulet starter and shrimp caesar salad. The dip came out warm to perfection out of a small cast iron cassoulet. It was steaming as the cheese bubbled under the bread crumb layer. It came with toasted baguette slices that were off to the side and perfect for dipping.

The Shrimp Caesar salad was tossed with romaine, parmesan, anchovies, toasted croutons, caesar dressing and grilled shrimp. The dressing is made in house and was a refreshing touch to the start of heavier main plate. The salad  was topped with Mexican wild Shrimp that were cooked in butter, lemon, and herbs.

Saska’s Cooks Meat to Perfection in Mission Beach

The beef selection from Saska’s is Choice 1855 Brand Premium Black Angus Beef. They age steaks for 21 days minimum to get suprbl taste, tenderness, and flavor. All cuts of steak are done in house along with the marinades, dressings, and any topping that comes out to your table.

We were served two steak plates; The Riley, a 7 oz sirloin steak, and The Original, a 7 oz filet mignon. Each dish game with a side of green beans and a potato. We were lucky enough to try both the mashed potatoes, and an overload baked potato topped with cheese and bacon bites. It was tough to decide what to try first. The steak was perfectly cooked medium rare. The sirloin steak came sliced thinly make it easy to handle and showing off its beautiful bright pink color.

With our order of Filet Mignon we made it a surf and turf and ordered the 6oz. lobster tail as well. Cooked perfectly in lemon and butter I was very excited to try the tail. It came with a side of butter that was set on top of a candle, melting right in front of our eyes and keep it warm as we feasted over our delicious plates. The tail was pulled through the shell and placed on top of the shell for decoration making it look even more inviting. So sweet and tender we ate through our meats, lobster, veggies, potatoes, salad and dip.

Surf & Turf served Perfectly at Saska's

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tailed cooked to perfection at Saska’s

The Bartender at Saska’s Whips up Classy and Contemporary Cocktails in Mission Beach

You can’t go to an old fashioned steak and seafood restaurant without accompanying your meal with a drink. At Saska’s the drink menu is written in newspaper style. Not the new smart phone version of getting new intel, but on a long piece of white paper. On one side you have the old timer drinks and the history on how they used to be sipped and came to be. These are under ‘The Classic’ side. Here you’ll find an Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Mai Tai, Sol, Boulevard and a couple more. On the backside or ‘Signatures’ Side, you’ll see more upgraded current drinks menu. Drinks like the Mission Beach Mule, an Espresso Martini, or a Key Lime Pie will be offered. 

Old School Cocktail Menu From Saska's in San Diego

Cocktail and Happy Hour Menu from Saska’s

The drinks vary from extra stiff and dry to fruity and seasonal. You can find some of these drinks on their happy hour menu. Monday through Sunday from 3-5pm get discounted cocktails and menu items. Signature cocktails will be at $6, draft beer $4, and house wine $5. As for menu items you can choose between a salad, soup, steak frites, steak salad, sliders, and a couple more options to fuel you up.

Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail from Saska's

A Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail from the Bar at Saska’s

Get your Car Valeted & Validated on Mission Beach Blvd. With Saska

Located in a prime location on Mission Boulevard, Saska’s is easy to access from several neighborhoods, but parking can get tough on a busy road. Valet your car easily at the door and get your ticket validated with the bill. The service ends up totaling to only $5 making it an easy and comfortable way to have a dine in dinner without the trouble of parking.

When you dine at Saska’s they make it a priority to treat their customers well and keep them happy with a quality service from the kitchen and staff. Detailed attention is put into each characteristic of the restaurant from the smallest to the largest detail.