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San Diego: The Craft Beer Capital of the US!

San Diego is without question the best beer city in the United States (yes we’re biased but this is our website!). With over 100 active micro-breweries, you’re sure to find something you find delicious. From amber lagers at Karl Strauss, to peanut butter stouts at Belching Beaver, to some of the hoppiest and tastiest IPAs you’ve ever tasted at Societe, brewers around town have hit a beautiful stride.

Craft Beer Corner covers breweries and tasting rooms in and around the the San Diego area. We update on events, special releases, reviews, new brews, and more!

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America’s #1 Craft Beer Destination

Karl Strauss opened its doors in 1989 and is credited with starting the San Diego craft beer renaissance. Since those early years, the local beer scene has matured to a point where now over 150 breweries welcome all stripes from the public with everything from feral sour beers to chocolate barrel-aged stouts to the hoppiest IPAs you’ve ever tasted.

With so many amazing brewers in one place, San Diego spends a lot of time celebrating beer. The San Diego Beer Week is held in early November and is a 10-day festival of brews. The Festival kicks off with the San Diego Brewers Guild Festival and continues with small events at various breweries all over town. The San Diego International Beer Festival takes place in June at the County Far. Between these two dates you’ll find myriad craft beer events sprinkled throughout the year.

A few local breweries have grown to be internationally recognized. Stone Brewing Co. is now the largest craft brewery in Southern California, and the ninth largest brewery in the United States. 

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