Serpentine Cider
Location: 8665 Miralani Drive #100
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 12pm to 8pm; Thursday – Saturday 12pm to 10pm; Sunday 12pm to 6pm.

In the east coast where there are ample apple farms to go around, apple cider has made a name for itself. Here in San Diego, we don’t see as much of it available with the craft beer scene taking over. Cider, can be a healthy alternative to beer, especially the one at Serpentine Cider that has no sugars added. It’s also a great option for those who are Gluten Free. Cideries are often compared to breweries, but because they have no hops and their beverage is fermented fruit they’re actually a winery. Don’t give up drinking for the new year, give up high caloric and sugary drinks!

Inside Scoop

Serpentine Cider was founded by Sean Harris, a once Dessert biologist. How radical right? That’s where the name came to be Serpentine Cider. After discussing several option, Sean was out hiking and stepped on rattlesnake!! Lucky for him it was too cold that the serpent didn’t attack and slithered away. The name easily wrapped up to be Serpentine cider after his studies in desert wildlife.

There is a lot to see and drink on a visit to Serpentine. They’re located in the Miralani Maker’s District where several local breweries, wineries, and a couple places to eat stay put. Aside from Lost Cause Meadery and The Good Seed Food Company who share a space with Serpentine Cider you’ll find nine other businesses in walking distance. Prep yourself for a self made walkabout tour of Thunderhawk Alement, 2Kids Brewery, Protector Brewery, Charlie $ Echo Winery, Align Brewing Co, Settings Sun Sake, Juice Wave, and Sol-ti. The Miralani area is very special and unique from the camaraderie these local businesses have created. Sean was telling us how neighborly it has felt asking to borrow a ladder or hops here and there and trading product for product when needed.

What’s on Tap

At Serpentine, the cider and non alcoholic juices are made in house. With 20 rotating taps available there is always a large variety to choose from. During our visit, we tried the Tart Raspberry, Dry Apple, Lavender Cider, Pomegranate Mint, and Guava. Each of these were suttle and refreshing drinks with a 7.0 abv (to reiterate there is no sugar added!). If you’re looking to try or pick up a growler of their fresh cider, you need to go in store. They aren’t doing large distributions yet because they’re selling out too quickly in store!

Aside from their hard ciders, they make non alcoholic fruit juices as well. Incase you’re the DD, you don’t drink alcohol or you bring your kids along there is something fruity for you them to sip on as well. The non alcoholic juices I thought were just as delicious as the hard cider. They carry a classic apple and then a seasonal and rotating recipe as well. The ginger apple was my favorite.

The cider at Serpentine is made with seasonal products and made in house. Sean gets pressed apple juice delivered from Oregon and Washington and then ferments the juices with local fruits. He was telling us how he would trade growlers of cider for hundreds of pomegranates, passionfruit and guavas for his cider. Sean spent hours separating the seeds from each pomegranate to make his delicious pomegranate mint flavor.

Where Are We Hanging

Sean has created an atmosphere at Serpentine Cider that takes you out of San Diego. Away from the ocean and palm trees you’ll find a rustic, DIY location. Everything in the premise was made by hand by friends and family of Sean and Lost Cause Meadery. This includes every table, stool, the bar, every art piece, bar taps, flight holders, and then of course the cider

Serpentine Cider creates an atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable and at ease as if time wasn’t ticking. They make you feel at home as they welcome customers with open doors. Whether it’s warm outside or it gets chilly there is something to do and somewhere to sit. There is a wonderful seating area outside with benches and tables and a extra large game of jenga. Inside you’ll find an air hockey table, loads of board games, and high table seating. Make sure you bring your furry critters along for the journey too- at Serpentine dogs are welcome to hang inside and out!

Shared Space

As I mentioned earlier, the space is shared with Lost Cause Meadery and The Good Food Seed Company. We didn’t get to try their products but Sean spoke very highly of both businesses. Lost Cause makes Mead, fermented honey, from local products. The Good Food Seed Company makes the grub! With so many beverage focused businesses around someone has to feed the drinkers. They keep their menu simple with plates they’ve mastered and know will go over will with the crowded flowing in and out of the doors. They use organic and local produce for each plate and a portion of each sale goes to help build local community gardens.