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Fishcoteque Taiyaki

Location: Hillcrest Farmer’s Market, 3960 Normal Street
Hours: Sundays only, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Price: $

Although they got their start at the North Park Thursday Market, Fishcoteque Taiyaki is currently offering their authentic Japanese pastries exclusively at the Hillcrest Farmers Market on Sundays. Chances are good that when they add the North Park Market back into their line-up, they will announce it on Facebook, so check back often.

In the meantime, you can plan to pick up some of these rich, filled pastries on Sundays in Hillcrest. While you may have to wait, one bite of these uniquely flavored and shaped desserts will have you craving your next fix. The food stand will also typically have bottles and cans of prepared Japanese drinks to go with your taiyaki.

Uniquely Shaped Sweets with Flavorful Fillings

For those who aren’t familiar with taiyaki, it’s a popular Japanese dessert or snack. These pastries are shaped like fish and filled with something tasty. Some of the most common fillings include sweet red bean paste, custard, cheese and sweet potato. There are also savory versions, filled with items like sausage.

Fishcoteque Taiyaki offers anko (red bean paste) taiyaki, as well as homemade custard taiyaki. They make the batter and the fillings from scratch, with nothing mass-produced or pre-made from an outside source. In other words, these taiyaki are freshly house-made, which may be one of the reasons they often sell out well before the market closes for the day.

They also make a chocolate taiyaki, which has a filling made of delectable Belgium chocolate. That’s always a safe choice if you’re trying to introduce squeamish friends or small children to these incredible desserts.

Fishcoteque Taiyaki has offered savory taiyaki in the past and has announced the potential for new flavors in the future, thanks to recently acquired equipment following a trip to Japan. For now, you can expect to find chocolate, sweet red bean/anko and custard taiyaki.