Within the past few years, Escape Rooms have become one of the most popular ways to hang with friends or bond with co-workers. Requiring team building, attention to detail and wit, Escape Rooms are a blast for those looking for a mental puzzle to challenge them. Suspense, thrill and the reward of escaping the room on time keep these games exciting and addicting.

Hillcrest – Escape Room Heaven

In Hillcrest alone, there are 3 Escape Rooms, all only a few years old. Since their opening, each has gotten great reviews of different kinds, but we went ahead and picked a favorite. Escapism SD, located right on Fourth Avenue, has been around the longest and was born and raised in San Diego.

The Brain Behind the Game

The owner, Tangerine, is the brain behind the game. She opened Escapism in 2015 with just ‘The Gallery’ escape room game. It was so popular and successful, she opened another room, ‘The Attic’ a few months later. Her games are all one-of-a-kind, and are tested by trusted game masters to ensure they are challenging, achievable, and fun! Her creativity never disappoints! Ask her about the games sometime, you’ll see the passion she has for her small business.

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For more info on Escapism, check out the Room Descriptions Below:

We’re super excited to try out the new Escape room, ‘The Brewery’, coming sometime this year! Thanks for all you do, Tangerine

The Gallery
“You have received a mysterious invitation to an art gallery. When you arrive, bewildered, the supposed curator informs you that you have been watched for some time by a very secret organization who are finally ready to test your skills and abilities. Someone has hidden an artifact inside the gallery and it is your task to find it and escape the room. The security system has been temporarily disrupted for this mission. If you do not escape in 60 minutes, you will set off the alarm. Good luck!”

The Attic
“Your neighbor seems like the typical guy next door. He is going out of town and asks you to house sit for the duration of his vacation. You decide to accept because it is easy money and he seems to be a trustworthy man. The first night, you are sitting on his couch and watching T.V. For reasons unknown, you feel compelled to go up to the attic. You don’t know why, you just have a sudden urge to see what is up there. Upon investigation, you get locked in. As you try to find your way out of his attic, you quickly realize that your neighbor isn’t exactly who he says he is.”

The Dungeon
“You and your band have been seized by an enemy faction, by sunrise they will have your heads. They lock you in their Medieval Dungeon to await execution. This particular dungeon was previously occupied by a man known simply as The Alchemist. During his imprisonment, he devised an escape plan. Unfortunately he succumbed to consumption before he had the chance to follow through with his scheme. Now it is your turn to follow in his tracks to safety. Tread lightly!”