Location: 3749 Park Blvd
Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 am-9 pm; Friday & Saturday 11 pm-9 pm; Sunday 11-7:30 pm; Tuesday Closed
Price: $-$$

Although recent trends have shown increase in vegetarianism and veganism, there are still many meat lovers and meat experts out there. The Smok’d Hog makes gourmet sandwiches with all kinds of meats. The menu changes every 4-5 months, with only a few permanent items for those who aren’t ready to try something new. I recommend you expand your taste buds and try different sandwiches because you might not know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

What’s On the Menu

At The Smok’d Hog, you can always count on getting homemade quality meals. From every sauce, to homemade pickled toppings, to fresh smoked meat. It’s all made in house. The Smok’d Hog puts a lot of care and love into each plate as you design your own or order a pre-thought out meal. We spoke to a customer who said “you can’t go wrong with anything here,” so whatever you chose off the menu, you’re bound to enjoy the meal.

They’ve got meat. Choose between their pulled smoked chicken or pork, ham, pork shoulder, round beef, roast beef, smoked turkey, or if you’d rather, ask about the vegetarian options. Each sandwich has been properly smoked, brined, and seasoned to perfection. Some meats, like chicken, are easier to prepare and require less hours and maintenance, whereas pork takes over 48 hours to properly marinate to soak in all the flavors and juices from the seasoning.

Roast Beef Sandwich with Arugula, Red Onion, Horseradish, and Homemade Red Vinaigrette

Homemade Sauce

If you’re a big fan of trying different sauces like I am, you’ll love eating at The Smok’d Hog. All sauces are homemade between their ketchup based bbq and their mustard based sauces. For the BBQ sauces, they first make a natural in house ketchup then add seasonings to make each sauce different. From sweet to spicy you’ll find a sauce to pair perfectly with each sandwich. If you dare, they have one specific sauce, the XXX, that is incredibly spicy. It’s a habanero based sauce that many people are just too scared to try. Are you brave enough?

A Taste of Every State

What helps give the meat the juicy and tasty flavor is the awesome smokers in the back of the restaurant. They’ve had the smoker for years and purchased it from Texas, one of the first states to master the art of smoked meat. Although The Smok’d Hog has been open for three years, the smoker has been racking up years of experience. Not just the meat gets smoked, the beans get the put in the smoker too.

Chris, Owner and flavor master at the Smok’d Hog, says they try to emphasize sandwiches and flavors from all across the country. For example they have an Alabama White Chicken, their Georgia Sauce, Taco Tuesday meat specials, Baltimore BBQ sauce and other flavors you will have to go in-store to explore!

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Carolina Sauce and pickled cabbage

Catering for Parties and Offices

It wouldn’t be a smokehouse without more than one smoker. The Smok’d Hog also does catering! With their smaller more mobile smoker. For catering events they can bring up to seven or eight options of meat and wide variety of their sauces. Choose between four different packages to be delivered for your event or, if you’re corporate, sign up for your office to receive scheduled weekly or bi-weekly chef’s choice meals delivered at an even lower cost!

Affordable Meals

Looking for an extra excuse to get over to The Smok’d Hog? Go on Fridays and take advantage of their Fried Chicken Fridays. For only $11 you get an order of perfectly fried chicken and your choice of a side dish. The Smok’d Hog is coming soon to BlitzDeals to offer you meat lovers more deals for delicious and affordable eating. Because the menu is ever changing, there are always new sandwiches and meats to look forward to and try out. Be attentive for when your favorites are in!