Location: 4688 Convoy St #105, San Diego, CA 92111
Hours: 11AM – 10PM
Price: $

Chè, Coffee, Milk Tea, Smoothies, Juices… if any of these sound like a yummy mid-morning treat or afternoon snack, we’ve got a new spot you have to try. With over 70 different locations, the menu, styles and flavors of BAMBU are loved by fruit-drinkers everywhere. In San Diego, you can find Bambu in Kearny Mesa, serving up delicious Vietnamese drinks with flair.

Chè – A Traditional Vietnamese Specialty Dessert Drink

If you haven’t heard of Chè yet, you’re not the only one. Chè is the traditional term for Vietnamese dessert and sweet beverage drinks. They’re made up of jellies, bobas, pieces of fruit and coconut water. Filled with all kinds of seeds and slices, the drinks are not just sweet and flavorful, but healthy as well.

Unsure which Chè to try first? The “Bambu Favorite” is definitely a safe bet. It has red tapioca, grass jelly and pandan jelly mixed into fresh coconut milk and crushed ice. Or if you want a treat even healthier, try the Bambu Special. It has pieces of fresh coconut, pandan jelly, longan and basil seeds, all in coconut water and crushed ice as well.

Real, Fresh, Boba and Milk Tea Drinks

Bambu is also known for their Milk Tea drinks, but they do things a little bit differently than other boba shops. All the drinks are mixed and made in-house, as they are ordered. Everything they create is fresh – none of the fruit comes from a can and none of the milk tea flavors come from a mix. This is no small feat. For example, the Taro Milk Tea is cooked from the actual taro root, and blended from taro paste. All the fruit added to the drinks are cut up in house as well. Try some of these treats in your next drink! Milk Tea comes with two free add-ons.

Milk Tea Boba

Boba Milk Tea from Bambu in Kearny Mesa

The smoothies are blended using all fresh ingredients as well. Try one of the premium smoothies for a super healthy treat – the avocado and coconut smoothie is a-maz-ing.

The Pandan Waffle – A Waffle Experience Unlike Any Other

We didn’t understand what we were getting into when we first took a bite of the Pandan Waffle. The outside is green, crispy, savory and sweet like a traditional waffle, but once we got to the middle, we found something surprising. Squishy and sweet, the pandan jelly doesn’t cook through with these waffles, creating a waffle experience unlike any other. These treats make a great pairing for your milk tea or che drink snack, and at only 3.50 each, you’ve got to grab one next time you go.

Pandan Waffle

Green pandan waffle to pair with your drink.

Specials and Savings at Bambu Just for You

Want to try Bambu for a super cheap.  Stay Hungry San Diego & the BlitzDeals App will be hosting a Bambu event on May 19th, 2018. Come in with the app on your phone and get a Boba Milk tea, just for saying $2! We’re super excited for this big event, and can’t wait to see you there!

Finally, here’s the scoop on how to get the best deal next time you visit Bambu. On Mondays, upgrade your drink size for free when you use the BlitzDeals App coupon. Any other day, bring some friends to get a FREE milk tea when you buy 3 speciality Che drinks. Besides that, be sure to always get 20% off on anything at Bambu, just by showing this coupon on the BlitzDeals App.