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R3fresh Juice Bar

Location: 4821 Convoy Street, San Diego CA
Monday- Saturday 9 am- 9 pm

Juices have become very popular in recent trends with new health fads and a new generations of buyers. Whether you’re juicing to do a body cleanse, drink as a pre or post workout, a refreshment, or just to get your daily vegetables in there is a juice for you. R3Fresh has opened their doors to Convoy street in Kearny Mesa a near 6 months ago and have since been wowed with the love from their customers and the success of their store front.

After working several years in corporate offices the Owner of R3Fresh Juice Bar, Joseph, wanted to start his own business and realized that juicing and healthy eating was true to his heart. Inspired by his Mother teaching him to eat clean and live a holistic natural life. This has now transferred over into a dream come true. The business started with a location. The first thing Joseph found was a store front opening on Convoy Street. Since then, they’ve created a lax and natural ambiance feel.

How it’s Made

The mission of the business is to bring healthy products to the consumers and workers of Kearny Mesa. Currently in store you can purchase lemonades, juices and some of the best acai bowls i’ve ever tasted. All juices are made in store from a cold press machine. Meaning that none of the vegetables or fruits nutrients are lost or cooked out in the process.

A hydraulic press works slower than other press machines. It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to press a juice. The purpose behind this slower process is to avoid allowing the blades from getting too hot and cooking any of the ingredients, therefore creating a cold pressed juice.

The juice creation process starts with the end goal in mind. The first question asked is what will this product’s purpose be; will it be used in a cleanse or as a pre workout or post workout drink. Research then is made for what roots, veggies, and fruits are best suited for the specific need of each purpose. Lastly, each drink is taste tested to make sure the product will be enjoyable for the buyer. Juices, after pressed and packed, last up to 3 days.


Some of their more successful flavors are Jade that has celery, cucumber, apple, kale, mint, and their Fire which mixes ginger and turmeric. As of now they have 6 rotating juices in production and they’re always looking to experiment with new flavors and effects their consumers will love. They’ve just added 4 new flavors called Earth Sunshine, Forest, and Ruby. They’re juice selection represents a nature theme because they do bring together the freshest and best ingredients for their juice.

Watermelon is back! Come try our full lineup of cold pressed juices!

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Benefits Behind the Juice

Each bottle of juice contains 1-2 pound of vegetables making it an easy substitute for any meal or veggies for your day. If you have a busy day it’s an easy way to get in all the necessary nutrients, quickly and easily. Some customers that have been juicing for a couple weeks now notice a lot of positive changes to their skin, mood, and feel of everyday.

If you’re unsure whether you like juices yet, why not stop in the store? At R3Fresh they sample almost all of their products. Many clients come in and ask to sample all juices or just a couple until they find what’s right for them.


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What Else is on The Menu

R3Fresh has one other product on their menu that is just as popular as their juices. It’s their Acai Bowl. Each bowl has the highest acai content possible; meaning it’s not blended with anything, it’s served directly from the sorbet. They have two other flavors aside from acai which are pitaya and matcha.  The base ingredients are certified organic and are topped with fresh fruit; at R3fresh they never use any frozen ingredients. The granola in each serving is made fresh in store and cooked up 5 times a week. Joseph said “if I wouldn’t eat it or give it to my friends to eat, why would I sell it. We try to be the best by serving the best.”

There’s more to come for their menu as they look to expand to salads, wraps and smoothies. So stay tuned with what’s to come!

How to Save at R3Fresh Juice Bar

Recently, R3fresh has joined the BlitzDeals App which has tons of deals in San Diego’s many neighborhoods. Now on the app you can buy 5 juices and get 1 free! Download the app to use this deal often and get delicious hearty juices on the daily!

W A T E R M E L O N IS BACK! For a little bit…

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