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Location: 4681 Convoy St Suite A
Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am-3pm; 4pm-1opm; Friday to Saturday 11am- 11pm; Sunday 11am- 10pm

Kearny Mesa is known for their wide selection of delicious asian restaurants to dine in or takeout at. Each location has their own specialty and their own take on each traditional plate. One of the newest restaurants to the area, Steamy Piggy, has revolutionized and created a new take on many asian plates. They have upscaled traditional and developed flavor blasting dumplings, noodle bowls, teas and fruity cocktails.

Steamy Piggy opened its doors in July 2017 and have surprised the eaters of San Diego on their modern look. Once inside Steamy Piggy, you forget about all the street traffic and not so welcoming streets of Kearny Mesa. There is a large outdoor patio that is separated from the street rif raf by passion fruit vine.  The decor has a contemporary, clean and sleek feel to it, making it easy to hang for a while.

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Homemade Dumplings at Steamy Piggy

Let’s get talking about the food. I tried a couple plates at Steamy Piggy and was surprised by all of them. They really do take tradition plates to the next level. There dumplings are perfectly crispy and come with a delicious dipping sauce. I had the Steamy Piggy Chive and Pimp Shrimp dumplings that are bright green and pink color, respectively. I thought these dumplings were very tasty. From the two my favorite were the Steamy Piggy Chive; they were juicy and have an excellent flavor combinations.

Steamy Piggy Chives & Pimp Shrimp ?

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Soups, Noodles, and Bowls in Kearny Mesa

For the real meal I tried the Piggy Noodles, pork belly, shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, veggies and fresh noodles, and the Stir Fried Wide Noodles, sirloin beef, onion, carrot, bean sprouts and rice noodles. These noodle bowls were filling and satisfying. Eating at steamy piggy made me want to go back and try more dishes and see their take and their new creation to plates I know. Some of there other popular dishes include Oxtail Soup, Piggy Char, Siu Fried Rice, Chongqing Jumbo Ribs, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Steamy Pearl Meatballs to mention a few. 

Veer Away From Traditional at Steamy Piggy in Kearny Mesa

Their menu features dishes that aren’t typically recognized as asian cuisine such as tator tots, sweet potatoe fries, curly fries, scallion pancakes with pesto. These dishes although not typical, complement their modern and americanized menu very tastefully and add a little something for everyone.

On the dessert menu, they offer Nutella Dumplings, Fried Sweet Buns, Piggy’n Friends, Black Sesame Buns, and Sesame Balls. These plates are a great way to end a meal with something sweet. I personally loved the Fried Sweet Buns! A must try.

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In Conclusion, Eat at Steamy Piggy

I highly recommend eating at Steamy Piggy if you’re looking for asian noodles, dumplings, soups, and desserts. Their plates are delicious and very affordable as well as centrally located to the heart of Kearny Mesa.

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