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Reliable Craft Beer

Mike Hess Brewing Company
Location: 3812 Grim Avenue
Hours: Seven days a week from noon until 10 p.m.
Price: $

Have you ever thought that there’s nothing as wonderful as the bouquet of a freshly opened beer after a long day at work? If so, then Mike Hess Brewing Company has the perfect can of beer for you. They offer eight of their most popular brews in their Open Mike cans. Unlike traditional beer cans, the Open Mike cans have a top that comes completely off. This allows for a fuller enjoyment of the aroma of the beer.

The Open Mike can is just one of many ways that Mike Hess Brewing is shaking up the San Diego beer scene. Since July of 2010, this brewing company has been drawing crowds and building a fan base with classically made brews.

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Nine Staple Brews and a Splash of Specials and Seasonals

Mike Hess Brewing offers nine beers as their flagship and year-round offerings. These include their 8 West Orange Honey Wheat, their Claritas Kolsch and the locally loved Grazias Vienna Cream Ale. They also have three IPAs, a double IPA, a Berliner Weisse called My Other Vice and a rye imperial stout.

There are many limited edition and seasonal ales on tap as well. From March 1 to May 21, you can enjoy their Helicon Belgian Golden Strong. After that, their De Nada Belgian Witbier takes over until August 22. From mid-September to mid-December, their 40 Acre IPA is available on top. There are also 11 limited edition brews, such as their Ficus, a Belgian Dark Ale brewed with figs, or their Oktoberhess Marzan, which is cold fermented and takes twice as long to brew as an ale beer.

The public tasting room at their North Park brewing facility is a great place to try out some incredible beers. They also have a tasting room at their original brewery, located on Silverton Avenue in Miramar, making it easy to stop in and sample something amazing on tap.