Pardon My French
Location: 3797 Park Blvd
Hours: Monday through Thursday 5pm- 9pm; Friday 10am- 2:30pm, 5pm-11pm; Saturday 9am- 3pm, 5-11pm; Sunday 9am- 3pm, 5-9pm

Where it all Started

We were lucky to get the insider details from Pardon My French in Hillcrest. From the decor, to the service, menu options, and plates, we were overall very impressed with this restaurant. With there Californian French zang, you get a group of hip fun people coming through the door. With neon lights and modern decor there’s no doubt you’ll be impressed as you walk in and watch as conversations drift into the night.

Pardon My French opened in March 2016 by Eric and Lindsey. He is a French Canadian Professional Ballroom and Latin Dance competitor, ranked 5th in Canada and 6th in the US at the time, and she is a San Diego OG that works as an interior designer, that’s how Pardon My French came to be. They’ve inspired the menu and decor to mirror their personalities which then reflect in their clientele. Fun and vibrante

Food From the Farm

They have a modo at Pardon my French, “everything made from scratch.” From the simplest details to the most complex meals they make everything in house with high end ingredients. The one thing they import and don’t make themselves are there bread and pastries that come directly from France each week. They use local ingredients and change their menu seasonally as produce go in and out of bloom season.

Chef Dariusz Szelag a 2 star Michelin-trained chef is the brains behind the menu of Pardon My French. After mastering his techniques at The Vineyard in London, a two star restaurant, and cooking all over Europe and the U.K. he has come to the states to give us a taste of his work. And boy, is it a good taste. With his mastered skill in French cuisine it was a no brainer to work with Pardon My French and serve exquisite plates. Eric and Lindsey have mixed their background with Chef Dariusz expertise to create a menu that represents each party tastefully.

One thing that should not be overlooked is their world famous brunch menu. They have introduced it at Brunch Con with over 4000 people attending and have been recognized by the community for two consecutive years winning the Outstanding Brunch Award. Saturday and Sunday make sure to reserve ahead of time to reserve a table because it gets crowded and busy on weekends! Get your tickets for 2018’s Brunch Con on March 4th. Pardon My French will be participating and giving away free bites to each attendee. 

Brunch Trophy at Pardon My French

What We Tasted

During our time at Pardon My French we indulged in several different dishes. We first tried the Poutine, this was to die for. Being from the East Coast and having been to French Canada many times, I still say this is the best poutine I have ever had. The cheese was well mixed in to the large portion of french fries. The french fries tasted as they should, like freshly sliced potatoes cooked in duck fat for extra flavor. They were doused in housemade gravy that helped melt the cheddar cheese curds.

Poutine from Pardon My French

To complement the Poutine we tried the Beef Tartare. It was exquisite with filet mignon steak mixed with capers, gherkins, watercress, dijon mustard dressing and toasted french baguette, crostini. This dish is perfect to share and a great way to start the meal with a fresh clean taste.

Beef Tartare from Pardon My French

For our main meal we split the Roasted Heirloom Beets salad and Pan Roasted Salmon. The beet salad was just divine. We loved this dish and would get it over and over again if possible. The burrata was fresh and topped with balsamic vinaigrette pearls for a dash of flavor. Surrounding the dish was roasted beets that were cooked to perfection. The Pan Roasted Salmon was my favorite dish. Carefully placed on top of a grilled onion and a green bean red pepper saute, the Salmon paired perfectly with the nearby flavors. The salmon was pan roasted with skin for an added texture and drizzled with a sauce vierge and charred fennel for presentation.

Pan Roasted Salmon from Pardon My French


Located on the border between Hillcrest and North Park on Park Ave, makes it easy for the location to get filled with vibrant people. With the occasional Monday Night Bingo, bumping weekend brunch, and Dj’s Pardon My French knows how to have a good time.

With their location so central to both neighborhoods, it makes this restaurant the perfect place to start your night before hitting the dance bars or whatever you’re in to. Some might consider the high density bar areas to be walking distance.

Beet Salad from Pardon My French

Roasted Beet Salad with Burrata Cheese and Crostini

Top Shelf Only Please

Get the best of the best drinks at Pardon My French. The ingredients make a grand difference but so do the qualified bar tenders. Each drink is made with fresh fruit or high end liquors to enhance each sip of each drink. We tried the Ruby Slipper, or as Eric class it the “roofy slippers,” it is a stoli crushed Ruby Red Grapefruit liqueur with lemonade martini. This drink was very refreshing, making it the perfect cocktail for ladies night out or a hot afternoon!

We were lucky enough to get a taste of the Watermelon Martini as well. Made with freshly sliced and juiced watermelon with a brown sugar rim and chambord floater. This drink is on the sweeter side so I can’t slug down many of them but they’re very refreshing and it is a great way to start the night.

Watermelon Martini from Pardon My French

Fresh Watermelon martini with a Brown Sugar Rim and Chemboard Floater

BINGO! you guessed it

Quite literally, Bingo, every last Monday of the month (January 29th, Feb 26th, March 26th, April 39th, etc). This night is always busy with a crowd looking to indulge in a couple cocktails and try to win a grand prize. 10{372de7297e8b41c818865a77b0364fb7e13db89d3d95308be22354efbe89a23b} of the proceeds of the night are donated to the LGBTQ community center and every Monday 100{372de7297e8b41c818865a77b0364fb7e13db89d3d95308be22354efbe89a23b} of all proceeds from the Ruby Slipper are donated as well!

You can always find new and fun events happening at Pardon My French. From live music to bingo the restaurant never fails to give customers a good time.