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Location: 4026 30th Street (map)
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 11:30 a.m. to midnight, Thursday-Saturday: 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Price: $$

Not content to fit cleanly into a single niche, Toronado is both a beer garden and a gastropub. Given the focus on drinks, this casual and fun eatery and bar isn’t the place for kids. It is, however, a great location for a low-key meet-up with friends or a delicious dinner.


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While there isn’t liquor on the menu, their impressive assortment of draft beers should leave anyone in your group satisfied. They have 56 draft taps at the bar, as well as beer engines that they utilize for serving up another cask or two. This is one of the few bars around town you can reliably get a pint of Pliny the Elder, Russian River Brewery’s category-defining double IPA. It’s also the only spot we know of, outside of The Lost Abbey, where you can get a bottle of Cable Car when folks at Toronado are feeling particularly generous.

The new 2017 batch is in and on the shelf. Come talk to Drew.

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And speaking of rare beers, Toronado is also one of a few places in San Diego that receives kegs of Pliny the Younger when it hits town in early-mid February. The (in)famous triple IPA is so limited, even at the Russian River Brewery, fans of the beer have been known to line up for over eight hours in the rain just to get a half-pint. If you’re interested in trying this beer, make sure to sign up for Toronado’s mail list and follow their social accounts to be alerted when rare beers become available.

Incredible Food Complimenting the Best Beer Selection in Town

While the rotating beer selection at Toronado is legendary, their food is also noteworthy. They have plenty of fusion and comfort dishes on their menu. You can start you meal off with curried chicken skewers, pork belly skewers or even maple-glazed beet skewers.

From there, you have your choice of a range of incredible, gourmet sandwiches, such as house-made Sloppy Joes or pulled pork, as well as sausage sandwiches. You could also try one of their signature dishes, such as their spicy or smoked mac n’ cheese, their potato pancakes or even a Cobb salad served with a Jidori chicken breast. They also serve up 2/3 pound burgers, made with a grass-fed beef patty or a house-made vegan burger, or a brined Jidori chicken breast instead.

If you’re looking for a little snack after the kitchen closes, they have a limited late night menu. It includes pigs in a blanket, which you can have made with an all beef hot dog or a tofurkey brat. You can also enjoy a half order of mac n’ and cheese, soft pretzels or a pig in a comforter, which is an all-beef hot dog wrapped in puff pastry with bacon.

Toronado Takes Beer Seriously

Any restaurant or bar can serve beer, but what sets Toronado apart is their supreme dedication to the craft. They’re annoyingly lovingly  committed to keeping their draft lines clean, which can make a huge difference in the taste and quality of your pint. They also maintain special relationships with local (and some distant) brewers, which allows them to bring their loyal fans rare beers in large volumes. The folks in charge of their social media do an excellent job of communicating to their fans in meaningful ways, setting a high water mark of customer service that few other restaurant/bars are able to match. We at Stay Hungry extend a sincere “THANK YOU” to Toronado for your commitment to quality and customer service!