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Location: 2218 Cable St. and 4993 Niagara Ave.
Hours: Monday Through Sunday Noon – 11PM

When the first OB Noodle House opened on Cable St., the Yeng brothers had one goal in mind, “simple, delicious meals, served quickly”. What became of their small dream was so much more. Now with 2 locations, countless awards, and an incredible reputation, the OB Noodle House can confidently be called one of the tastiest spots in San Diego. We got a chance to try their best dishes for ourselves, find out why we’ve already gone back for more.

Two Noodle Houses is Better Than One

After being featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-In and Dives”, OB Noodle House experienced a huge increase in business. For a few months, the wait for a table almost came to be two-hours long. The Yeng brother realized it was time to open a new spot to serve more noodles. The second location, OB Noodle House 1502, is bigger with a larger bar, table-space, and soon to have a brand-new patio with outdoor seating. The whisky list at 1502 contains over 80 options, including the PB whisky shot.

Both spots are known for their chill, friendly, and fun vibe, a reflection of the beach town they exist in. Dogs are welcome at OB Noodle House, and the community seating at the 1502 location makes for a great place to meet new folks. Both are great places to stop by for a drink during Happy Hour, when most beers are half-off and caskets of the house sake are just $8. Taco Tuesdays are also a great day to stop at OB Noodle House. Get yourself an Asian Pork Belly Taco at $3 each, or 3 for $8.

The Famous Peanut Butter Whisky Shot

San Diegans will travel far and wide to visit OB Noodle House for this famous shot. When the Yeng brothers first released this shot, it was made with Jameson whisky. It’s creamy, peanut butter flavor had everyone talking about it. You can now order the PB Whisky Shot in bulk, and OB Noodle House plans to start distributing this coveted drink soon.

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Check out this video featured on Barmageddon to see how it’s made, and how the panel thinks of this sweet shot.

Entrees That Will Really Fill You Up

The menu is huge and has an awesome variety of options for the entree dish of your meal. From the Lemon Rare Steak salad to the Chargrilled Chicken, Egg Roll and Vermicelli noodles, there’s certainly something for everyone. You can try the Saigon Fried Rice with a meat of your choice, or the highly-rated Dry Chow Fun noodles with meat and veggies.

When we visited Noodle House, we tried a dish that we really cannot stop craving. The Sizzing Fish platter came out (sizzing, of course) and the first bite had us hooked. This fish, a fresh-water river fish called the Vietnamese Basa, comes topped with carmelized ginger, scallions, garlic and cilantro. The savory, garlicy flavor almost made it hard to tell it was a fish at all – we’ve heard multiple tales of tasters who don’t even like seafood falling in love with this dish, too. It’s cooked on the grill and is served with rice. Since tasting it, we’ve suggested it to so many fellow foodies, it’s really just that good.


Sizzling Fish

Finally, let’s talk about the spotlight dish at OB Noodle House – the bowls of Pho. We ordered the OB Special Bowl, containing rare steak, well-done steak, brisket, flank AND tripe! Order your bowl with any of these meats, or get it vegetarian. For just $1 more, you can also get any bowl in extra size! We got them big, and barely could finish half of the bowl. Nothing wrong with that!

Check out how they make it with Guy Fieri:

Award-Winning Sweet and Spicy Garlic Wings

Out of all the incredible wing options in San Diego, Noodle House serves up some of our favorite. Using a super special homemade recipe, these wings have a sweet marinade with a spicy kick. These wings have won multiple awards, including Top 5 Wings in San Diego. But if we still don’t have you convinced, listen to Guy Fieri tell you about them on this clip.

Overall, this has been one of our favorite places to eat yet. With so many tasty items on the menu and so many good vibes, this is a must-try next time you visit Ocean Beach. The Yeng Brothers have lived in ocean beach their whole lives, and have contributed to the community throughout their lives. We appreciate their mission, and definitely appreciate their food!


Sweet & Spicy Garlic Wings

As owner Steve Yeng says, “It’s Always a Good Time for a Bowl!”