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Each year over 100 San Diego restaurants offer delicious meals at reduced set prices. While the participating restaurants and offerings change from year to year, it’s important to note there are usually TWO (2) restaurant weeks per year. The first generally occurs during the later half of January, while the second restaurant week occurs in late September.

San Diego Restaurant Week generally lasts eight (8) days, and participating restaurants are from every neighborhood in the city. It’s a great time to check out a restaurant across town that you’ve been dying to try, all without having to pay full price!

Who Organizes San Diego Restaurant Week?

San Diego Restaurant Week is organized by the San Diego Chapter of the California Restaurant Association. According to their website:

The San Diego County Chapter of the California Restaurant Association is proud to be part of the oldest restaurant association in America with more than 100 years experience, the CRA and our Chapter offers industry insiders unparalleled insight into the state’s vibrant restaurant and hospitality industries. We constantly strive to simultaneously improve the restaurant business and to breed the next generation of food service leaders, ensuring the future of this vital industry. The Chapter also feels strongly that it is important to give back to our community.

Where Can I see a List of Participating Restaurants?

A list of San Diego Restaurant Week participating restaurants can be found on the organizer’s website here. The organizer also maintains an Instagram feed that provides updates on new participating restaurants, promotions, and deals. You can check out their Instagram here. For 2018, this video was produced to highlight the upcoming event: