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Location: 5401 Linda Vista Rd

We’ve got the inside scoop on Babe Kombucha. They’ve just recently opened their doors in Morena District to the public and the buzz is insane. Everyone wants to try Babe’s awesome flavors. They’ve mastered the art of Kombucha-brew and are now sharing their product among the people. Experience a different social hour than just a happy hour. 

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The Story Behind Babe

Babe is a family run business that primarily brews Kombucha. The owners, Charles Turecek and Carol Pavan, are the ones behind the scenes making the Kombucha, serving it in stores, and spreading the good word about their product. The new store location is centrally located to University of San Diego and has a very lax vibe. They’ve got eye gazing artwork, good tunes, and free wifi. If you’re looking for a space to get away, this is it. On tap, you’ll see the available flavors and colorful handles for easy pours and easy drinking.

The company name, Babe, came from the founder and flavor master, Charles’ Grandmother. Everyone knew her as Babe as she lived her life as a quintessential San Diegan; soaking up the sun, eating fresh local products, and living life. Kombucha is full of positive nutrients and allows us to enjoy more and stress a little less, therefore, Babe was the perfect name for the company.

Margarete Marie Stilwel also known as Babe, was a beach lover who went to the beach until her last days. Babe was born on February 3rd of 1903. She was 1 of 7 children and was born in San Diego and raised in Escondido. The day she was born the doctor went to her families house carrying a black satchel. When the doctor opened the satchel her siblings saw a little baby inside and said "Ain't she cute."Since she was the baby of the family at the time they called her baby from that day on, and she didn't like the nickname at all. Eventually when she was 4 years old her mother had an other baby. She thought her nickname days were over so she ran to her siblings and said "you can't call me baby anymore." They said ok "babe." To her family and most of her friends she was called Babe for the rest of her life. If you have a glass of Kombucha this week, or ever, raise your glass for the grandmother everyone loved and the namesake of our company. Thank you Babe ??

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How it’s Made

Similarly to beer, kombucha is fermented in a 2 week process. Although, kombucha is non alcoholic. The main ingredients in this life changing drink are sun black tea, scoby, natural whole sugar cane, and the fruits and citrus added for flavoring. At Babe, all ingredients are 100{372de7297e8b41c818865a77b0364fb7e13db89d3d95308be22354efbe89a23b} organic, have 0 preservatives, and are sourced from San Diego local farms.  

Drink Flavors

I asked about the inspiration and creation of the flavors. “Our best discoveries are thanks to our friends, family, and fans, who suggest new flavors and ideas. Their support is everything.” They said it’s very hard coming up with new mixes and flavors that actually taste and look good. “Our errors are most inspiring. Sometimes we experiment with new fruit combinations thinking they will turn out delicious, and end up tasting terribly. Trial and error works.”

The hottest sellers are Cali Gold and Brazilian Storm. Cali Gold has Meyers lemon, navel orange, and key lime and the Brazilian Storm has acai, pineapple, and lime. Other flavors include Mango Mango, Moroccan Mint, Passion Fruit Cherry, and Tropical Carrot Turmeric.

Infinity Water

Infinity Water, is currently the only Babe product that does not fall under the Kombucha category. It’s better than coffee. It’s caffeinated water. This refreshing drink is a yerba mate infused water with a hint of lemon. What makes this water and energy booster great is the constant and balanced effect. Yerba mate doesn’t have a caffeine crash or caffeine rush like a coffee might have. Some other benefits of yerba mate are a boosted metabolism and an increased intake of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals making the body stronger from the inside out. Babe doesn’t add any sugars to their Infinity Water making it the perfect refreshment to have while working hard or hardly working.

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