The Current TKO Winner

You might have heard of the term TKO in boxing, a technical knock out, but what does that have to do with food? TKO flavoring is indigenous to San Diego, yet not many people know what a TKO taco is or where this flavor and name originated from.

I spoke with the chef at PB Fish Shop, the original winners and trendsetters of the TKO flavoring, to get inside information. This all started some 5 years ago at a taco competition where the most refreshing, and flavor blasting taco was voted the #1 taco in San Diego- this is how the name originated as the Technical Knock Out Taco. As the winners they reigned the title of their fruity TKO taco.

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So what does this prize winning taco contain? This is primarily a fish taco, typically mahi mahi, topped with fruits such as pineapple, mango, Hawaiian papaya salsa. Then each chef adds their own flare such as fresh mint, lemon butter and secret spices. Each deliciously filled tortilla is a refreshing taste that pairs perfectly all year long in San Diego. Every year there is a new taco flavor who takes the winning prize and gets all the taco fame.

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The 2017 Taco TKO Competition

Searching for next best taco to roam the streets of this city? On November 15th, Attend Ricky Moonen as he hosts The Taco TKO competition where the 15 best taco chefs battle at Quartyard in downtown SD to win the title for the #1 recipe. Participating restaurants include: Casanova fish Tacos, Duck Dive, Marina Kitchen, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Sandbar, Pacific Beach Fish Shop, and many others. Get involved and vote for your favorite taco makers while enjoying music, beer, food and tequila!

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