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Being a college student can be very straining on the bank account. There is no need to stop eating out to save money, just learn how to get the most bang for your buck with daily deals around the SDSU area. Learn about local restaurants that are giving broke college students the necessary discounts to help you survive college on a budget and still enjoy all the SDSU college area favorites. When you download the BlitzDeals App you will have immediate access to coupons from your favorite restaurants near you and the ability to find the best Happy Hour Specials in San Diego for FREE!

Gimme Dem Slices

Milos Pizza & Subs

Milo’s Pizza is walking distance from SDSU and sells some of the best NY style pizza and subs on the West coast. These cheesy plates are custom to your taste buds and the employees at Milo’s are always happy to get creative and help a customer design out a specific pizza. All their plates are homemade with fresh ingredients which help them standout from other pizza joints. Milo’s offers great deals during the week! Monday-Wednesday buy 3 slices of cheese or pepperoni and a drink for $6 or come in Thursday- Sunday and get 2 slices of cheese or pepperoni and a drink for $5! These are unbeatable prices and are sure to fill your appetite.

Fresh & Affordable

Fish Pit Sushi

Fish Pit Sushi is one of SDSU’s freshest restaurant. Their bright and colorful restaurant matches perfectly with the style of their food, fresh quality seafood with bold tastes. Although they keep their menu prices affordable a discount can never hurt. Through the BlitzDeals App you can get Buy One Get One Taco free Wednesday’s to Sunday’s 11:30 am to 9 pm. You can also go on Tuesdays and take advantage of Taco Tuesday buy 3 get 1 taco free! With this deal you aren’t just getting affordability but you will also be getting maximum quality from Fish Pit Sushi.

Stay Current, Eat Poke


At Pokedon they pride themselves in having fresh and savory Poke Bowls. When following this new trend, it’s hard to stay ahead and offer affordable flavorful Poke Bowls- but with discounts these high end bowls becomes affordable for students on budgets! The best part about this restaurant is the easy customizable menu. The order is as follows, pick your bowl, protein, toppings, sauce, then your base and you’re all set. Download BlitzDeals to get one extra free topping from Pokedon instead of hesitating whether to indulge in one other fresh flavor!

You Can Never Eat Enough Tacos

Cafe Mex

Cafe Mex is a hole in a wall Mexican joint. Hidden between offices and apartments you’ll find Cafe Mex’s restaurant. The staff is very friendly and accommodating to the needs of their customers. They offer very attractive daily deals that are well portioned out and even better seasoned. Go on Taco Tuesday to get $1.59 chicken or pork tacos. Get there before 4 pm and the tortillas will be homemade daily!


Mirch Masala 2 GO

If you love indian food you will love everything at Mirch Masala 2 GO. Each plate is very affordable and are just divinely flavored. They use fresh vegetables and quality meats in each dish full of sauces, flavors, rice, and perfectly cooked naan bread. This is a family owned restaurant and the owner is always in store helping customers find the right dish for them. On BlitzDeals you can find different deals for different days. Head in on a Thursday and get a curry rice plate for only $4.99!!

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